Premium Black Dyed Hardwood Mulch Bulk

  • Premium triple processed all natural mulch, color enhanced with safe dye
  • Great dyed mulch for long lasting color accents
  • Organic and attractive appearance 
  • Mulch helps control weed growth, retain moisture for plants, provide nutrients for plants and soil as it decomposes over time, and aesthetically enhances the landscape
  • Product available in bulk only

Material Calculator

Mulch Depot “Material Calculators” are designed to estimate specific product quantities and costs, based on information that the user submits. The logic for each calculation may differ according to each specific product. Calculations are based upon certain factors, assumptions, and general information that we consider appropriate; however, Mulch Depot shall assume no liability whatsoever, for the product suitability, accuracy, pricing, or reliability of the data or calculations provided. All material purchases are considered final and not able to be returned. If you feel that a calculation is inaccurate for any reason, please proceed to the Contact Us link and let us know how we can improve these features.

This is a natural product and will vary slightly in consistency with each load. All mulch will lighten in color when exposed to sunlight and when completely dry. We recommend turning your mulch periodically for best results.

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