Closed for the season...see you in Spring 2022!

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Making the outdoors beautiful is our life's work, and we enjoy doing it well. We are thankful to be a trusted partner of premiere properties, communities, and businesses throughout the tri-state. We believe in the beauty of serving others
through our family-owned business that delivers great products, at great prices...every time!



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Fundraiser Program

We're excited to share this opportunity with you to help raise money for your organization while supporting a local small business!

The object of this fundraiser is to generate as much revenue for your organization as possible with minimal work on your end.
All you need to do is pass out the order forms, collect the order forms, and deposit a check.

For every bag sold, your organization will get $1.

As part of the program, we are offering our full line of bag mulch products that we sell in our retail store.

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Closed for the season...see you in Spring 2022!